Festivals, New year, weddings and a ton fun & frolic.

Thats the case for most of us since few days, but it has been so for 2 months for me. Celebration of union of families, celebration of blooming babies and so much of love in the air.
It was my best friend’s sisters wedding few weeks ago and I was invited to shoot the wedding with a ton of expectations & love too! 🙂 Irrespective of how much i delivered as per pressure, I had a gala time shooting.

It was an elaborate affair of ceremonies, parties and family coming down from far places. Such beautiful pair and such gorgeous arrangements. You could walk in casual and walk out with an air of class, such was the might of arrangements and hospitality showered. Every single day of those 3 days of wedding bliss was special in its own way. The show wasnt loud, but was colorful. The attendance wasnt huge, but participation was phenomenal. Food wasnt a crazy spread, but was fantastic and lavish. Dance that didnt seem to stop. Smiles that didnt fade even at crazy mid night hours. There is hardly a moment of those days that isnt memorable. Here’s a quick glance :



May lord bless the gorgeous two with similar bliss and love all through their lives!

Cheers to the awesomeness!