Vinay and Namrata have been kind of neighbors but not exactly. They have been kind of friends, but not exactly šŸ˜‰ They have been seeing each other but….lets not guess mess any further. They love each other intensely and got married to be happy forever. Thats how it should be and is!

Vinay got in touch with me only 2 weeks prior to his wedding. He had seen me & my work at his close friend’s engagement (Indushree & Pramod) just a week or 2 before that. His wedding was in Mumbai and i was coincidently travelling down there from Delhi after another wedding shoot. So it materialised and i feel lucky to have been there to see so much of cheer, calmness & hearty bliss throughout such an emotionally charged day.

Vinay works in IT and is an extremely soft hearted guy. So polite that it wouldnt be wrong to say he doesnt fit ‘Kalyug’ as the world around is. Namrata is finishing her studies and is a smart tom-boyish girl. So, that makes it a perfect match!
They got married at a college auditorium which was nothing less than the largest theaters of a modern multiplex. Overtly warm guests, superb food and cheerful ceremonies. In all, a perfect wedding day. Heres a glimpse :

Wishing them a gorgeous, love filled, joyous married life!