The last weekend of 2013. More precisely the last Saturday of year. What a day to marry your lifelong companion. And what a wedding to shoot!

Ankur and Sohini were neighbors and friends as little kiddos. Families shifted and the little ones lost touch. Then grew up studying in adjacent schools never knowing they were so close. This went on till they grew up to be adults. Luck stroke and surprisingly they got together once again.
Sohini has spent most of her life in Europe. Ankur has been quite a wanderer but now shares the city with Sohini in UK. How we got in touch is quite a quirky deal but am glad they had me on their biggest day of life.

They got married in a very unique set up & style. Neither of them hail from Pune but still chose to get married here for reasons that are more difficult to understand than not 🙂 I chose to believe, it was my fate! 😀 Their wedding was conducted by a priestess from Jnana Prabodhini. It was very oath driven, logical in terms of which ritual meant what, with the priestess explaining significance of every element involved in the rituals, with guests involved in the process, blessings that were loud and clear and son on & so forth. Thats not it. Sohini had executed a session of speeches by near & dear ones and by themselves too. That by far was the most special part of the amazing ceremony. Like she rightly said, it adds a lot of meaning to the day. The bride’s mother said something so beautiful that it will stay with me for rest of my family life. She said something like “Try to understand each other without the necessity to speak everything, but dont unnecessarily read between the lines”. That is probably the most important thing that makes up a happy married life. The speeches, the dance, the food, the warmth in air and the gorgeous hearts all around… was one perfect wedding eve. Heres a glimpse :

Wishing a beautiful, bountiful, peaceful married life to the sweethearts in love!