It has been exactly one year since i quit IT to pursue freedom.

Yes! a lot of definitions, principles and thoughts have changed. When i took the dive, i thought i was pursuing my dream. Dont judge me wrong, am still pursuing my dream. But i’ve realized that it was my hunger for freedom that gave me the balls to push out of everyday rut. Free i am. But not free in every sense one would like to be. We all dream of freedom in broadly 3 streams : financial freedom, freedom to do what we love or feel right and the freedom from responsibilities that affect other’s lives.
The first two…most of you easily realize and may agree to. The third is quite a complex. It goes out of scope of this post. So forget the 3rd freedom. But all of us, no matter what, until we arent doing exceptionally well (be it with business or employment) we are lacking either of the 1st two forms of freedom. And thats where all the fight goes on every day, every part of the world. Those having job are yearning freedom to do what they love/feel right. And vice versa. You can tell which one i am missing! 😉

the hunger for money

Market analysis says that 10% of all entrepreneurial startups fail in 1st year. I have survived that. Can say that i more than survived it. But wish i could have thrived. Analysis further says that the next 80% fail within first 5 years of inception. Now thats a long path to watch for. Obviously, am not thinking if my business can survive next 4 years. Instead, am thinking how do i turn this into a business within next 4 years! 🙂 I told you, a lot of things have changed since the beginning of last year. This perception included, that am now a business. I am not. Am only a self-employed. Whats a self-employed? Simply put, its a business run by 1 man with every job done by the same man. Entrepreneurship, management, marketing, sales, advertising, customer interaction, after sales service, accounting, legal matters, tax and ofcourse the “actualy technical work”. These are bits that i confronted till date. There may me many more in coming! 🙂 The last bit is what one leaves his day job for ‘technical work’ 😀 The rest just comes packed as free hampers. Theres no option to say NO! You gotta take it and nurture it equally good or else you are dead meat!
Well, those who survive the first 5 years arent spared in the next 5 years. Analysis & statistics say so. So me, like most other entrepreneurs am looking at a deep ‘well of death’ game show. A ton of things along with unwavering focus is the only way to come out victorious. Lets see how this unfolds

the story left to unfoldThis is me.

Now, those are facts. It doesnt mean am struggling like snails on hot sand. To tell you honestly, i have had a ball of a time past year. It has been perhaps the most emotionaly satisfying and self-boosting year of my life yet. It changed a lot of my world. For the good. Yes!
Most visibly, my group of friends. Those who stood by me were surprisingly stronger than i had thought about them. Bravehearts they all are. Yes they had worries for me, doubts about whether this will work and sincere concern for what if all goes wrong. But i guess they gave in to my beliefs and hunger. Having said that, i am now in the sea with a hefty bunch of sharks who are now my best gaurds for life. Most important of them all, my wife being my backbone. Am proud of them for everything they are and extremely blessed to have them. Without my wife and her unconditional support, nothing of this would have been possible. And then there is my younger sis. She loves me so blindly that she considers me a hero. Poor gal! :p These people have kept me wrapped in a safety net that is developing in its own. Sometime soon they will let me go & blossom.

the safety netAnd this, my safety net 🙂

It has been a wonderful year. Half a year went blank. There was no work. All i had was motivation and hope. Every day was spent training for work or looking for it. Later half set the ball rolling and it went on like crazy. Last 6 months were all about work, work work. Now its time for a deliberate pause and introspect. Why? Because in addition, i got a ton of time and chance to meet some really amazing people. People who are knocking the socks off in their own fight for awesomeness. Was blessed to meet some amazing entrepreneurs, well accomplished self employed (doctors, chefs, painters etc) and some terrific artists (big shot photographers). Their dreams & fears. The unshakable attitude they possess. It all rubbed on to me. For good ofcourse. And then got a ton of time to read, change perceptions, break false myths, discover and learn about life and its larger purpose. Last but not least, there was time for movies that occasionally gave me so much juice to run on dry fields and few that were deep insights into what i should be careful about as the journey unfolds. Every bit of these encounters convinced me to pause, look back, introspect the game going on here to its minutest levels and foresee if its going in the right direction. And that meant saying no to further work for some time.

buddies in need

Its time to look for buddies. To blossom together into a beautiful bunch of success stories. Build a community that thrives to keep each other afloat & prosper. If you are one or know one who is toying with similar thoughts on any kind of creative arts venture, kindly get in touch at There is abundance of super cool stuff to be explored and accomplished together 🙂
From my standpoint, i can easily tell that the journey has just begun. The rollercoaster is yet to start. The flips, swings, speed, thrill, fear, joy and terror of accidents are yet to begin full throttle 🙂
For the major part of it all, life is awesome! If you got the ability to see what it is offering you, you are a happy feet! 🙂

Cheers to awesomeness!
Loads of love!
And humble thankyous! 😀