Yup! First, the proposal ring, then engagement ring. And then third : the wedding ring. Though there wasnt any ring exchange in actual, but those experienced would know that real match has just begun 😉 Indushree and Pramod tied knots on a wonderful evening in a beautiful setup amidst near & dear ones. It was a lovely lovely eve with loads of merry & bliss from family & cheering gorgeous guests.

They have been rolling around each other since quite long now. The idea of getting married and spending lives together has kept them super-charged and on toes with all the arrangements hand picked. And it showed up well as the evening unfolded. Everything was picture perfect. However, tiring work schedules and elaborate energy spent on detailing all the wedding arrangements exhausted them too much. So much that our tiny trip for a couple portrait session turned out to be a refreshing vacation. I was guilty of asking for half a day from their already overloaded schedule. But we ended up thanking each other for a superb get away from daily chores and brain fusing city life. An absolutely gorgeous couple and a wonderful time spent together (though done under a scorching sun). I rarely prefer sharing any image from a portrait session, but this one holds exception :


The wedding eve was nothing short of awesome. One evening two weddings and same couple. Howzzat?! 🙂 Well, exactly same was mine. I dont remember if that felt amazing, but sure it seemed great for this couple. Such brilliant display of colors, bright ceremonies and a ton of bliss all around. It went on and on but everything went on so cheerfully that the eve wrapped up in few minutes (not literally! :)). Heres a short glimpse of the good times:

Heres to the gorgeous two and wishing a life full of joy, love & peace!