The work:

bimalHi there! My name is Bimal Nair, based in Pune, Maharashtra (India) and am a documentary wedding photographer & a new born portrait photographer.  I have been shooting weddings since 3 years now and have been blessed to be able to earn cheering couples who are now my dear buddies and the best promoters.

Wedding photography:
Story telling a wedding through photos is something that drives me crazy. For any couple, its their biggest day of life. A phase that changes everything about their lives; for the better! I am always on the hunt for couples who are passionately in love with each other and are devoted to do everything to make everyday ‘another amazing love-filled day’.

Baby portraits:
Baby portraiture is another art form that i am dearly working on since last few months. Photographing babies…especially less than 1 month old gives me goosebumps whenever i am on it or even thinking, planning, shopping for it. Babies are the epitome of love. There can be nothing more special to a human than to see their own blood and soul as another living being. Babies change their face and features very very fast in the 1st one month. Capturing those intricate beauties and portraying them in a way you will never see again in real is what I do.

My Life:

Am a visual artist! 🙂 When not, am the usual ‘being’ with zillions of impossible dreams 😉 I’ve been a dreamer, chaser and believer all my life but the ‘believer’ part came pretty late. I have done enough blunders in past to prepare one of the crappiest possible CV and the process is ongoing. So getting into Photography is a sincere effort into correcting all those blunders. Whenever possible, I indulge in listening to blues & techno, watch anything thats creative stuff and am a foodie who’s a desperate experimenter.
From past 5 years it has been a constant ardour to excel my skills as an observer, as a photographer and as a creative. I started developing my passion for creativity and photography came out to be the best means to enjoy the journey. Its the sense of surprise and joy seen in the subject’s eyes that motivates me most to continue excelling my work. I just love it when they love to see themselves the way their moments, identity & love are portrayed.

My love:

I have an extremely loving and beautiful wife who is dearer to me than anything else on this planet. She has been the supreme source of love and confidence within me since years long. She is my caretaker, the disciplinarian within me, the challenger, the provider of bigger dreams, the savior and the better of me. She is air, water and earth to me and cannot imagine life without her. I have a family: dad, mom & a lovely sis who though never are sure about my aspirations but have been the unwavering support any contended man needs. And then there is this strong bunch of friends around me who are like my Messiahs who have held me strong through every troubled phase of life, have been a tremendous source of motivation and have countless times gone out of their way to pull me out of despair and pump life into me to be the fighter I am today. I owe my life to these wonderful people and I love my life only coz they are & will be there till the very end. Any achievement, success, admiration or glory that i’ve ever earned or will achieve in future belongs to them and the Almighty!
To me, even if a few strangers have read this part and felt the strength of what these people mean to me, I would consider that I’ve thanked them enough!

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