A beautiful day amidst roaring monsoon of 2014. Beyond gorgeous temple (Iskon at Katraj, Pune). And some amazing people. Yogendra and Anuradha got wed in a simple, blissful way in between their close friends and family. Friends & colleagues who were as remarkable as the best of families one can boast.

More than a wedding day, it was a victorious day. Where love won over resistance & societal pressure. Yogendra & Anuradha have been friends, best buddies & lovers for close to a decade. The dude has earned a very respectable designation in armed forces at a young age. And the beauty is a brainy lady cruizing IT. Such down to earth people that their easily available sweet smiles are highly decievable of their strengths. Our groom has been jabbing out blood in boxing rings since childhood. And the bride has sucessfully fought a terribly long war of “awaiting love & union”. One heck of a pair of “chupe-rustams” i say!
Yogendra is a keen photography enthusiast. And his wife loves facing the lens. Does a couple need a better medium to bond 😉

Blessed by some really amazing & sporty friends and close family, simple yet gorgeous decor and great food. One of rare wedding days where a smiling bride departs with her long time friend & love on a surprise sunny day amidst roaring monsoon. Wedding bliss as rare as their mutual compassion. Heres a short visual:


How our dude found me & hired for his wedding is unusual too. He found my dear buddies “Prashant & Arthi” through a website listing and they passed on my number. At the end of it all, the best compliment i recieved is that “we have been very lucky to find you!”. I blushed! 🙂

Cheers to the gorgeous hearts! Wishing endless loads of love, joy & success to Y & A!