The 2nd day of a new year. Marrying someone whom you love second to none. And my first wedding shoot for 2014 as well 🙂 It was one amazing day full of events through morning till late night.

Anurag and Perminder are good friends to me through weddings i shot for their common friends. Its one large cirlce of buddies I proudly associate to and its always fun to be in their company. A & P are no exception to their circle. Super fun to be with, very chilled out guys and 2 souls madly in love with each other.

Few days before their wedding we went to a garden for their portrait session. The gaurds said “photography not allowed!”. We tried to bribe them, but no one was even slightly interested. Anurag passed a comment that i instantly loved “Koi paisa khane ko tayyar nahi?! Lagta hai desh sudhar raha hai!” Both of them were absolutely cool and chillax about being turned down after all the pain of travelling far, waking up & getting ready so early on a weekday etc etc. Without much fuss we went on for another spot & had a great shoot. That speaks volumes about the kind of cool minded, jolly hearted people they are.

Their’s was like a celebrity wedding. Like often in news “Hollywood stars X & Y got married in a silent countryside mansion in the precense of near and dear ones”. Same was their case 😀  A simple, coy wedding involving legal registration and prayers with their most beloved people around. Visit to a nearby Holy place to gain blessings of the Almighty. And a colorful, elaborate reception at evening. A gorgeous cake, gorgeous guests, finger licking good dining and happy cheers! What more for a vibrant wedding day? Here’s a quick glance :

May their love & joy never change!