One fine day the couple walks together away! 🙂

Any love marriage is a lang haul. If the parents agree, it sure must have taken the couple a long time to settle for the decision. If the couple was quick to mingle, the parents take their own sweet time to settle scores. And if both parties are cool from beginning, then life takes its own course of time to settle it all 🙂
Rishi & Preeti’s story belongs to the third catagory with a little bit masala of the second. College time buddies. A decade long relationship. And a pair mad about each other.

Rishi is a dude! His cool is unsurpassable. Even a formal meet can be a right way to judge him. He is super easy and partially busy in his own world. One look at his circle of influence and you would know he is a darling among his folks.
Preeti on other hand is a coy little girl. She got a smile to kill for and eyes that can slit throats 🙂 Very down to earth, cheerful and a charm-to-be-with company. She talks soft enough to make butterflies feel at home while resting on her palm 😀

Rishi runs a business and Preeti works into IT. Perfect no?! Growth & stability hand in hand. A dream union of people and professions. Atleast as per me 🙂

They had 2 weddings in a day. No! They didnt attend 2 weddings in a day. I meant they got married to each other twice a day! Talk about english being a funny language :p R & P got wed in 2 customs same day. Kannada rituals in morning and Bihari traditions in evening. Elaborate but gorgeous ceremonies. Tiring timelines but super enthusiastic families. Even with so much scope for chaos in such a complex setup of traditions, tight timelines and language differences (between relatives)…..everything went so well, calmly and beautifully. Heres a quick glimpse of their perfect wedding day :


Cheers to the gorgeous couple & their long living relationship! 🙂