It was my third trip to Kerala this year and this one too, to shoot a wedding! This time of a very close friend Reni Martin.

Reni has been one of those rare friends with whom time spent was very short, but the bonding stayed intact across time and distance. Even before i quit my job to do full time photography, he used to say “dude! you are booked for my wedding…whenever that happens”. And the day arrived, well in time 🙂 I live in Pune, he in Chennai, wedding in Nagarcoil (20 mins from Kanyakumari) and my parents in Trivandrum (45 mins drive in opposite direction). And he offered me a road trip from Chennai to Nagarcoil in his car. I was like “what the heck of an offer!” I flew to Chennai, got to spend 2 half-days with a childhood friend (after 4 years!) and then a 24 hour road trip with Reni! 4 days gala time with parents back home. 2 wonderful days of wedding bliss and a ton of sweet memories. Kaboom! 🙂
So we started 5 days prior to wedding and we rode through light and dark
road trip 1
the arab 😀

road trip 2

terrible rains

road trip 3

bird poo, mountain creaks

road trip 6

and what not. We took rest at Trichi and started early morning again.

road trip 8

Trichi seemed to be a spot for creative bugs.

road trip 9

Finally touched home after 24 hours of starting. Few great days with parents and then back to business.

Reni got married to his long time friend and love ‘Irene’. Irene is an extremely lovely lady who has a knack for finding good in everything. Both are quite different in their preferences. Nothing specific. But usual differences of 2 genders. From mind / from heart, kind of differences; you know right?! 🙂 Whats best about couples of our generation is that they respect mutual consent for almost everything that matters. These chaps are no different. All through wedding they seemed uber cool, cream-biscuiting together and having ball of a time. They both posses an extremely loving and a closely tied family. Reni is the only child of his parents, yet has cousins and friends to die for. Irene meanwhile has a very caring elder sister and a very loving younger brother. All these chaps made the day awesome it was. The entire episode was so smooth and joyous that neither the groom looked gloomy about losing “precious” bachelorhood 😉 nor the bride seemed low about dpearting from her parents 🙂 Some very nice dance and singing performances, sumptuous food and the wedding at an extremely gorgeous church. That sums up their beautiful wedding day:




At first look, it would be difficult to make out that they are a married couple. So casual is how they get along. Charming and unalarmed. Its always a pleasure to be with such people. They have an aura that makes you instantly comfortable and relaxed. It was a big wish that i would take their couple portraits the same day of marriage, but the day was so packed and they so tired that we had to skip it altogether.

Nevertheless, good things await right time. Heres wishing the awesome couple a wonderful, amazing life to boot! Tons of love & bliss dear ones!