Srushti and Kunal are 2 souls who were living worlds apart. Literally. Though finding soul mate is a task of parents through most of India even as of date. But still then the phrase never stood wrong “marriages are made in heaven”. How else do so many of couples living far apart, who never met or saw each other happen to strike a chord and settle for life?

Srushti was never keen to marry someone who lives abroad. Kunal…I dont know! A ‘desi’ at heart generally prefers to find a partner from his homeland. Probably that was his wish. And a much stronger one that won over Srushti’s resistance 🙂

I was called up by Srushti’s brother and sister in law through an online portal ad. They are the only one ever to have found and approached me through such a service. I had even removed the ads before they approached me, but seems my fate too stroke a good chord. It was a gorgeous wedding with some really amazing families, cheering guests, superb food and happy jolts of emotional bondings. Heres a glimpse of their biggest day of life :

Wishing the best of worlds to the two darlings in love!