Hi folks!

I know this time i was supposed to post a tutorial on manual camera settings…..but forgive my deviation. I am just a bit in a offbeat mood today as i see people like Anna Hazare standing up against something that we all cursed and in a way that we all never thought about.

Am not going to lecture about him. I instead wish to bring to you JR, the guy who is making moves through his pictures. He is a bomb of creativity….the way he has expressed his views and concerns about things that he cares about is impeccable.

Sit back and spare half an hour to know what crazy things people are doing around the world to change their worlds around:

for smoother video, it is going to cache the video to your system….so wait a minute or two πŸ™‚Β  [also if the loader still appears while video plays,Β  just pause and then play….wordpress UI bug you see? πŸ˜€ ]

Thanks to Chase Jarvis for sharing this video and introducing me to this awesome concept and the brilliant brain behind the project.